What moves you to keep moving?

What moves you to keep moving?  I love to dance, teach kids just enough, train my mindful personal training clients, teach my various Pilates and other classes, maintain my sexual health and wellness, reduce joint stiffness, travel wherever I would like to go, and increase my flexibility.  I keep moving in order to do all those things.  And now let’s take a quick stretch break together before I continue!

Please read this first and then do what it says.  🙂  Look up from your screen, sitting tall, and if you’re able to nod your head, do a slow motion nod “yes” two times then a slow motion nod “no” two times.  Ok, there were some spots in my neck that feel like they need the oil can, but must move onto another area of the body.  😉

Once again, read first then begin moving.  Raise your arms in front of you, palms facing in and moving with a connection to your shoulder blades/upper back, belly drawn in.  If your shoulders don’t hurt keep going, arms overhead, turn your palms forward, and reach and hold for a moment above the shoulder joint, anchoring your sitting place in your chair and belly strong, for a total of 8 reaches, with a breathing pattern set to your movement perhaps.

Moving moves me.  In a practical and literal sense, with much gratitude for being able to move how I need to most of the time.  I am moved by the ability of my body to get stronger, heal, and keep moving.  I am moved by dance movements, in contemporary dance, of the grace, power, and emotion that comes from them.  Of the rhythm and precision that the body can produce, especially when tap dancing.  Of the spontaneity and release that can come from contact improvisation.  Of all dance forms where feelings are connected to moving resulting in embodied movement.

Helping others move better moves me.  When I share moving better with others I am delighted in their progress.  I see long lean lines of purpose develop in all sizes and shapes as my clients in mindful personal training and students in Pilates Mat commit to regular movement activities and exercises.  Their lives improve as they get stronger and better understand how to move their bodies safely and effectively.  They get to relax, focus on positive self talk, tweak what they know, and move with increased body knowledge that will always be with them.

Let’s move again.  I’m going to rotate my ribs, then shoulders, then head, then eyes to the left, take two breaths in and out, and repeat to the other side.

I keep moving because it allows me to breather better, expanding my soft belly out when I breathe in and then activating my deep core muscles with a slow breath out.  I keep moving because I need to be moved, both literally and emotionally, by all that my body and others are capable of.  With an appreciation for however it is that you’re moving right now, I wish you a few good moments of reflection on what moves you to keep moving.





Why blog? The here and now of it all. A post in progress.

Why blog?  I’m going to suggest it’s because what I have to say is worth sharing.  What I think and feel matters.  It’s a way of connecting with others and sharing parts of myself that are more easily expressed and articulated on the page.  I’m not looking for approval, but acceptance, support, and personal experiences are welcome and appreciated.  I can let it all hang out here or I could fake it, which I won’t do.  I may struggle a bit here but it will be an honest struggle uploaded to the blogosphere.

Briefly reading over the comments to my last post touched me.  I was encouraged by a feeling of warmth and community.  Which inspired me to get to this.  Should I only be sharing this privately with my group?  Well, I’m sharing it here.

Part of the struggle in writing consistently is the here and now of it all.  I wish to be most present to my people based priorities.  And yet I have half a lifetime of boxes that needs sorting and letting go.  The energy from stuff lingers and clutters not only my space but my path to productivity.  There are feelings that come and go with this as well.

Why blog?  I will also share my expertise from the areas I care most about: posture, aging proactively, breathing, mindfulness, mindful personal training, Pilates, women’s rights, LGBTQI rights, and developing one’s creative side.  All of which can be taken on at any stage in life.  It’s always exciting to be new at something!

The here and now of it is that if I don’t post this right now, it may not get posted at all.  I am teaching at Pilates Day at the College of San Mateo tomorrow at 10:30 AM and taking classes there before and afterward,  which is free and everyone is invited.  I’m headed out to see clients now.  I am really looking forward to both of these things.  I will hope to come back to this but if I don’t, I will see you next week.  Next Wednesday.  I want to reach out and connect and I want to hear about you!


Stand Up.

Stand up tall. Stand up straight. Stand up for what you believe in. Stand. Take a stand. Standing up tall does not mean you’ll end up standing straight, however. That’s another theme I’ll come back to. Hopefully before June when LGBTQI Pride is more visible and on display. And hopefully not tucked away too soon, or ever.

Standing up tall does allow you to better embody who you need to be. To stand upright, centered, grounded, feeling tied to the force holding you up as you get to declare who you are or want to become. Resisting gravity’s constant downward push, even more so with each passing decade.  Although technology is leading us into a head forward downward spiral of sorts at every age if we forget to extend our spines periodically and return our beautiful heads on top of our bodies where they belong.  Which puts you smack dab into the present moment.  Not leaning forward into the future or reaching backward into the past, but centered in the here and now of it all.  Which is the only place we can be, really.

Standing up straight allows the bones of your body to align correctly and the muscles and surrounding structures to hold themselves in the best possible alignment.  It’s the work of the muscles that allows standing up straight to happen.  To bring the head into an elongated back of the neck position, chin approximately parallel to the floor, heart stacked over hips, feeling the belly engage inward as you breathe out, and softly expand as you breathe in, the shoulder blades slightly back and down, opening the heart, softening the face and throat and eyes, and resolutely bringing the weight of the body between the feet in standing, without locking the knees.  Abundant space now exists for the diaphragm to move downward, allowing the ribs to expand, a full breath to be inspired, and the deep muscles of the core to contract with a slowly controlled breath out through pursed lips.  Ahh, now the body is standing up straight, bringing the head and mind with it.

Now you’ve arrived at a place where you can better stand for what you believe in.  Emphatically declare what is true for you.  Speak with clarity about what you want.  Recall and ask for what you need.

Stand when possible.  Do we need the research and literature to inform us that extended sitting has debilitating physiological consequences?  Stand and walk as much as possible.

Take a stand on all these things and more so that you may integrate the richness of your mind and body working together.  And allow your body and mind to work together in order to unite the two and take a stand on what you believe in, be it simple or grand.  But whatever you do, at some point, take a stand.









Always returning to being me.

Yesterday I crawled into a shell that I have outgrown.  And yet there it still was, affording me the opportunity to bury my upper half safely inside, the other half exposed.  Burrowing in I revisited hurt, discomfort, sadness, and disappointment.  I lingered, not wishing for the depth of feelings that clung to the outer layer of my heart, but glad they didn’t bury into the chamber lining.  This stemmed from loving deeply, endlessly, and having this returned.  I took this state and began painting the inside of the shell a muted rainbow which grew brighter as I turned back toward where I had come from, just barely able to turn myself around in order to ease back into the world.  Swells of acceptance and forgiveness broke the surface and quelled my heart.  The shell became even smaller and unable to accommodate hardly any part of me.  It floated away, reflecting brilliant jewel tones, while the lapping shore drew me back into an incessant claim on being who I needed to be.

Spring forward into self love by starting with self awareness

Officially just around the bend, spring brings endless possibilities for personal growth and transformation.  Self love is a vital concept for establishing mindful wellness in our daily lives. This occurs through increased self awareness which leads to self acceptance. What a relief to know that we are ok just as we are right now and be at peace with that. I will expand on this further but for now, tuning in to your awareness of breath, setting aside thoughts without judgment, being still, and simply observing the sensation of breath in and out of the body is a starting point into being able to better observe how you are right now. And then accept that, and begin to like and then love how you are right now.  Please stay tuned for more.

Move a bit in the morning, feel moved to move more later!

Ahhh!  Stretch…  To pleasing music or sounds.  Who doesn’t feel better after stretching?  I speak with mindful personal training clients and Pilates Mat students all the time about beginning the day with some movement awareness.  Firing up the core (abdomen, back, bottom) with two of sets of marches done lying on the back plus some stretches that will ease you into your day goes a long way to helping you commit to more activity later.

I just selected a  relaxing 5 minute track on my phone, performed gentle standing stretches for posture, mini squats, marches on the floor along with a hip flexor (knee to chest) stretch with bottom leg bent then extended.  After 5 minutes I felt more aware of my core strength and that my upper body and back can move more freely.  This is how I would like to consistently start my day.

Having been sitting at the keyboard for almost 20 minutes, I am preparing to stop and take a 60 second break to change positions or stretch.  I will talk about avoiding repetitive sitting another time.  Back from walking and doing 2 standing stretches.  I set my phone timer for 20 minutes in order to do it again.

Pictures and video forthcoming.  One step at a time.  Today is a rest day for me but I am planning to do some errands on foot and will take 15 minutes afterward to do 2 sets of 3 core exercises and stretch my back, hips, legs, and feet.  I’m looking forward to moving more later, which helps keep me moving to do the things I love including teaching dance and fitness.  What is it that you most love to do that requires you to keep moving to do it?

Reviving the dormant blog!

Dear Blogosphere,

It’s me Gloria.  After re-reading my tips for SMART and SAVVY women, I would like to embrace some of those challenges in order to return to you.  I love to write.  I love to work on my weekly calendar.  I’m good at scheduling.   Building on these strengths I think I’m looking at some possible changes in getting the word out that I HAVE A BLOG.

There are many exciting changes since I was here last.  I am now a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and I teach dance to adults and children.  I continue my passion and mission to bring preventive health measures to women through mindful personal training, and embrace that I’m an artist and creative person who can define my life as I choose it to be.  I relish supporting women and girls in being who they are and who they imagine they would like to be.

I’ve just put 3/27 at 0700 on my calendar to upload my next post!

Please stay tuned as I share more updates and ways that you can work with me individually for Health and Wellness Coaching, Mindful Personal Training, fitness classes, dance classes, or to support your affiliation with an organization that serves to empower women and/or girls!